Tonga - The Country We Know Nothing About

Tonga- The Country We Know Nothing About

In last two years in Tonga, one of the most peaceful countries in the world, called by Captain James Cook the friendly islands, turned up an uptight atmosphere. In November 2006 pro democratic rebels set on fire the business part of the capital city. Police and army managed to calm down the situation. Australia and New Zeeland sent their troops to help them. In August 2008, George Tupou V was crowned for a king, but he got accused for spending more than 1.300.000 pounds for the celebration.

Tonga is also specific for being the only member of Commonwealth who’s got its own climate to the thrown, and not queen Elisabeth II. Modern Tonga is based on two ancient and
In strange way framed ideologies- on medieval tendency to conquer new land and on Christian missioners enthusiasm from 19th century.

Tonga started to grow a thousand years ago, which provided that Tongan culture overwhelms more than 3 millions of square miles of ocean. That is one of the most amazing colonial achievements in the human history.