Dell Vostro 460 Dasktop PC Review

The Vostro 460 sports a fairly standard minitower chassis, which is distinct and angular enough to look current, though it lacks the unique design that characterizes Dell’s XPS line. (The Vostro 460 is a business PC, after all.) For a measure of physical security, the Vostro has a simple cable pass-through hole molded into the case door to help prevent people from opening the chassis. There’s also plenty of internal expansion room, as well as a multitude of external I/O ports. You’ll need a screwdriver to open the case and upgrade the internal hard drive or add a second in the single free bay, but the PCI Express (PCIe) card slots are tool-less. An optical bay, two DIMM slots, a PCIe x16 graphics card slot, and one PCIe x1 card slot are empty for your use; a second PCIe x1 slot is occupied by the system’s USB 3.0 card, which gives you extra-fast data transfers at both the back and front of your computer (the latter by way of an internal connection to a front-panel port).