A Drive Along the French Riviera

A Drive Along the French Riviera - Travel and Tourism

The main hub of the the Cote d`Azur is the Nice airport, located at the Eastern part of the French Riviera allowing quick approach to many attractions along this beautiful shore of the Mediterranean, linking Cannes and the border of Italy.

Home to the famous Grand Prix and to many casinos due to its taxation rules, Monaco would be the first place to visit while driving along the A8 to the East. A couple of intetresting facts are that Monaco is not an EU member, its residents are not allowed using the casinos, it is the second smallest country in the world and it is also the most densely populated sovereign country. The principality of Monaco has a very glamourous prestige and lifestyle, which is a must visit while in the French Riviera.

Approaching the Italian border past Nice and Monaco 30 kilometers in, one will find the town of Ventimiglia. Ventimiglia is most famous for its Friday street market, which includes many French visitors as it is one of the biggest black markets in Europe with many top brand replicas at a much cheaper price along with traditional market goods.

San Remo is the next destination into the Italian Riviera, with its sunny weather, beautiful marinas and fine restaurants. San remo is a magnificent tourist destination with wonderful hotels and local shops.

The old town of Antibes is coming up next, with its vast historical background since it fell under Roman control in 43BC. Port Vauban, which is also the largest yacht harbour in Europe with over 2,000 yachts mooring along the marina.

Relocating our journey to where we started, 15 miles westwards of Nice you will find Cannes, which is most famous for its annual international film festival taking place each May. The Boulevard de la Croisett and the Marinas along the shore will surely serve a great recreation to all visitors. Seeking accomodations during the festival time can be quite expensive.

Futher west along the Riviera one will find the quieter side of the Cote d’Azur. One of the many little towns worth mentioning is Frejus, hosting many expensive yachts and luxury villas. The hills around the town are very much worth visiting besides the coasts, which are also hosting a famous mountain bike event every year.